Polyethylene gloves made first in japan
     - It began with enthusiasm of craftsmen.(The genesis)
The bag production with new material "polyethylene" at the time of 1955.
At the beginning of 1955, new material of "polyethylene" was imported in Japan.  It was the people in the confectionary trade that showed interest in it quickly.

At that time, Japanese cookies were manufactured by rice(Arare, Okaki, Konpeito, etc.) were filled into 18 Ltr.  Square tinplate with. And they were delivered to the wholesallers.  Retailer shop subdivided them into 100g, 200g and put them in a paper bag and sell.  Because Japan is a climate of high temperature and high humidity, the cookies has got damp immediately due to the paper bag was not an airtight container.

They thought that they changed apaper bag in a polyethylene bag.  This idea did a great hit.  Furthermore, they printed a name of a shop in a bag.

The Japanese, that time, was full of the confidence that survived postwar confusion powerfully.  The founder convinced that the polyethylene of this new materials has utility value as every packing materials as well as food packing.  And he decided production of the polyethylene bag for a new field.

However, he did not have the machine forming a bag.  It is an unbelievable story now, he asked each customer which size was necessary.  The he handcrafted a die of a bag one by one.  And he pushed it to polyethylene sheet repeatedly.  We have some bags of form of "Gekko kamen", "Tokyo tower" made in the those days as our old collection data.  In this way SEIKO's polyethylene bag which is very strong, clean was born.

From a bag to gloves - A fatal encounter
After production, the bags are brought in to a printer to print a store's name. There was a new problem there.  The printer complained "Ink sticks to a hand and a bag is stained.  Print work does not progress by work gloves which knitted of rought cotton yarn.  Can you make gloves with a polyethylene bag?" The honest founder could not neglect with trouble people.  He began a moulding of poly gloves after work at night at once. It was continuation of trial and error.

Gloves had a lot of curve seals, and a property was totally different from a conventional simple bag.  The founder who has self-confidence of a pioneer of a plastic bag came through more than expected hardships to numerousness of the curve seal which was too long, and was acute angle.  (As for the seal length of M size of our company is 117cm, the most sharpest angle is about 3.5R)

And continue further difficult problem. Hands in a bag move freely.  It is easy to make a bag to put a cookie in.  However, the hand was the very difficult object because it moved freely.  It should maked room for mobile range for finger, catch and release, etc.  A human hand works freely.  The trial manufacture continued while assuming a hand of various people.
And the first poly gloves in Japan were born.
Later the founder recollected saying "I talked with a hand every day."  It would be surely so. SAKURAMEN gloves do not have a straight line part at all.  It looks like a straight line, but, in fact, it consists of a delicate curve.  We repeated so many trial manufacture and try-on, finally the first poly gloves Vol. 1 in Japan were completed in 1959.

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